Learn about our environmental, social, and governance program, and how we bring those values to life with green bonds, sustainable projects, and more.

About Our Program

A sustainable transit system is designed, constructed, and operated in a way that fosters environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and social wellbeing across the region. Sustainability is at the core of both the service Metro provides and how Metro provides it. Each of the following themes is a chapter of our sustainability story.

Livability and Accessibility

As the backbone of a strong and inclusive regional mobility system, Metro provides access to places, community, and opportunity for hundreds of thousands of residents, commuters, and visitors. Metro helps the region's residents lead happy, healthy, and productive lives and supports vibrant, economically-thriving, and sustainable communities.

Economic Prosperity

The regional economy relies on Metro. Metrorail and Metrobus provide a critical connection to economic opportunity for those living throughout the region, connecting residents to education, employment, and commercial hubs.

Environmental Impact

As the leading transit agency in the Washington Metropolitan region, Metro represents the greatest opportunity for the region to reduce its transportation-related carbon footprint. Every trip taken with Metro instead of a car reduces the region's carbon footprint. To achieve further reductions, we are looking inward to increase efficiency, reduce energy and resource consumption, and continue to align with regional sustainability efforts and innovation.

Current Initiatives

Climate Bonds