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The Future of Metro is Green!

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November 1, 2023


Recently, Metro participated in DC’s National Drive Electric Week event on the National Mall. Metro staff members shared goals and progress toward a 100 percent zero-emission bus (ZEB) fleet and showcased one of our new 60’ battery-electric buses. Attendees were excited to learn about Metro’s plans and experience the brand-new electric bus firsthand!

National Drive Electric Week is the largest annual celebration and display of electric vehicles, with over 100,000+ people in attendance nationwide. It is a collaboration between Sierra Club, Plug In America, Electric Auto Association, and EV Hybrid Noire. 

Metro’s participation in this event helped to raise awareness about our ZEB transition and educate attendees on the sustainability benefits of public transportation.

Every trip taken with Metro instead of a car decreases vehicle congestion, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, lowers air pollution, and supports healthy communities. That means more people riding in a Metrobus however it is powered, is already a sustainable transportation choice. Moving to a zero-emission bus fleet will make every trip with Metro even greener!

As part of Metro’s Better Bus initiative, Metro is committed to transitioning our approximately 1,600 bus fleet to zero emissions by 2042. ZEBs have no tailpipe emissions, which means improved air quality for our communities. Further, a full ZEB fleet will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 100,000 metric tons (83%) annually, helping the region meet its carbon reduction goals! In addition to the environmental benefits, our new ZEBs will provide a better bus experience, including a quieter and smoother ride and enhanced safety and convenience features.

To learn more about Metro’s zero-emission bus program visit wmata.com.